About me

A little about me

Welcome to my world of colors and taste!

My name is Stefania and I have been painting on porcelain and ceramics since I was in my teens.

Personalized house and address signs house number plaques, custom kitchen signs . These are my specialty among others. If you appreciate a skillful – yet tasty and measured – approach to the art or porcelain painting, we may create together that beautiful and unique gift or new item for your home decoration you are looking for.

After graduating in 1993 with a degree in Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Torino, I turned  my life-long passion into a full time occupation.

With more than twentyfive years now as a professional painter, I picture (what else!) myself as a dedicated artisan in love with beauty and style.  My blue painter’s palette is there to show my love for manual skills and taste.

And that’s quite a lot for being a mum of three boys and wife in everyday life !

Every object that comes out of my porcelain painting shop is completely hand painted.  I never use prints of any kind, no tricks to make things cheap and fast around here!!

Please contact me through my Etsy shop, e-mail or social media for any request.

I’m always willing to work on custom projects  and send my creations flying around the globe !